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Leaders picked in NH House and NH Senate for 2023-2024 session

Leaders picked in NH House and NH Senate for 2023-2024 session
The NH State House in Concord in September 2022. (Steven Porter | Granite Memo)

After members of the NH House and NH Senate locked in their decisions for top leadership positions on Organization Day, the newly named House Speaker and Senate President began announcing their additional leadership picks for the coming term.

Here's who will be serving in which roles, according to announcements from the leaders of each General Court chamber.

NH House

House Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry), who won reelection to his role on Wednesday, announced on Thursday leadership picks for both his office and the House for the 2023-2024 legislative term.

"I believe with tolerance and respect, we can work together, in the House Chamber, committees, in our debates and interactions over the course of the term," Packard said. "We understand the importance of doing things in a bipartisan way – it’s the NH way, and we will work together to move this state forward and into the future."

  • Rep. Steven Smith (R-Charlestown) has been reappointed Deputy Speaker.
  • Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford) has been appointed Speaker Pro Tempore.
  • Rep. Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) has been appointed Speaker Emeritus.
  • Rep. Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) has been reappointed Leader of the Republican caucus.
  • Rep. Matt Wilhelm (D-Manchester) has been appointed Leader of the Democratic caucus.

Wilhelm announced additions to the House Democratic leadership for the 2023-2024 legislative session.

  • Rep. Alexis Simpson (D-Exeter) will serve as Deputy Democratic Leader. Simpson, recently elected to her third term in the House, served as Assistant Floor Leader and member of the House Judiciary Committee last term.
  • Rep. Karen Ebel (D-New London) will serve as Democratic Leader Pro Tempore. Ebel, recently elected to her sixth term in the House, served as Democratic Leader Pro Tempore last term and was previously the House Deputy Speaker.
  • Rep. Lucy Weber (D-Walpole) will serve as Democratic Floor Leader. Weber, recently elected to her ninth term in the House, served as Democratic Parliamentarian and Ranking Member of the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee last term.
  • Rep. Josh Adjutant (D-Enfield) will serve as Deputy Democratic Floor Leader. Adjutant, recently elected to his third term in the House, served as a member of the House Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitative Services last term.
  • Reps. David E. Cote (D-Nashua), Sharon Nordgren (D-Hanover), and Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord) will serve as Senior Democratic Advisors. Cote, recently elected to his 21st term in the House, served as Democratic Leader, Ranking Member of the House Election Law Committee, and Ranking Member of the House Special Committee on Redistricting last term. Nordgren, recently elected to her 18th term, served as Ranking Member of Division III of House Finance last term. Wallner, recently elected to her 22nd term, served as House Deputy Democratic Leader and Ranking Member of House Finance last term.
  • Reps. Brian Sullivan (D-Grantham) and Laura Telerski (D-Nashua) will serve as Democratic Advisors. Sullivan, recently elected to his fourth term in the House, served as a Ranking Member of the House Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitative Services last term. Telerski, just elected to her third term, served as Deputy Ranking Member of the House Transportation Committee last term.

House Standing Committee Assignments

Packard on Monday, Dec. 12, appointed the following members as chairs and vice chairs to the NH House Standing Committees for the 2023-2024 legislative term.

"These committees will have their work cut out for them, but I believe that working together will be key to passing good legislation," Packard said of the bipartisan makeup of the committees. "I am looking forward to seeing the results of good, bipartisan efforts this legislative term.”

Children and Family Law

  • Chair: Rep. Mark Pearson (R-Hampstead)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Pat Long (D-Manchester)

Commerce and Consumer Affairs

  • Chair: Rep. John Hunt (R-Rindge)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Keith Ammon (R-New Boston)

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

  • Chair: Rep. Terry Roy (R-Deerfield)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Jennifer Rhodes (R-Winchester)


  • Chair: Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro)

Election Law

  • Chair: Rep. Steve Smith (R-Charlestown)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Ross Berry (R-Manchester)

Environment and Agriculture

  • Chair: Rep. Judy Aron (R-Acworth)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Jim Creighton (R-Antrim)

Executive Departments and Administration

  • Chair: Rep. Carol McGuire (R-Epsom)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Matt Simon (R-Littleton)


  • Chair: Rep. Kenneth Weyler (R-Kingston)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Keith Erf (R-Weare)

Fish and Game and Marine Resources

  • Chair: Rep. James Spillane (R-Deerfield)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Jeff Goley (D-Manchester)

Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs

  • Chair: Rep. Wayne MacDonald (R-Londonderry)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Erica Layon (R-Derry)


  • Chair: Rep. Bob Lynn (R-Windham)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Scott Wallace (R-Danville)

Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitation Services

  • Chair: Rep. William Infantine (R-Manchester)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Brian Seaworth (R-Pembroke)

Legislative Administration

  • Chair: Rep. Greg Hill (R-Northfield)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Vanessa Sheehan (R-Milford)

Municipal and County Government

  • Chair: Rep. Len Turcotte (R-Barrington)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Diane Pauer (R-Brookline)

Public Works and Highways

  • Chair: Rep. Mark McConkey (R-Freedom)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. John Cloutier (D-Claremont)

Resources, Recreation and Development

  • Chair: Rep. Andrew Renzullo (R-Hudson)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Bob Harb (R-Plaistow)


  • Chair: House Speaker Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook)

Science, Technology and Energy

  • Chair: Rep. Michael Vose (R-Epping)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Doug Thomas (R-Londonderry)

State – Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs

  • Chair: Rep. Michael Moffett (R-Loudon)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Skip Rollins (R-Newport)


  • Chair: Rep. Tom Walsh (R-Hooksett)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Ted Gorski (R-Bedford)

Ways and Means

  • Chair: Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford)
  • Vice Chair: Rep. John Janigian (R-Salem)

NH Senate

Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) was elected Senate President on Wednesday by his fellow senators. Bradley has served in the NH Senate since 2009 and has also been the Majority Leader through the 2011-2018 and 2021-2022 legislative sessions.

Bradley announced his leadership team:

  • Majority Leader: Sen. Sharon Carson (District 14 – Londonderry)
  • President Pro Tempore: Sen. James Gray (District 6 – Rochester)
  • Assistant Majority Leader: Sen. Dan Innis (District 7 - Bradford)
  • Majority Whip: Sen. Regina Birdsell (District 19 – Hampstead)
  • Assistant Majority Whip: Sen. Ruth Ward (District 8 – Stoddard)

Sen. Donna Soucy (District 18 – Manchester) will serve as Senate minority leader, leading the Democratic caucus.

Senate Committee Assignments

Bradley announced 2023-2024 committee leadership picks on Thursday.

Capital Budget

  • Chair: Sen. Dan Innis
  • Vice Chair: Sen. James Gray
  • Members: Sens. Jeb Bradley, Lou D’Allesandro, and David Watters


  • Chair: Sen. Bill Gannon
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Denise Ricciardi
  • Members: Sens. Dan Innis, Donna Soucy, and Shannon Chandley

Executive Departments & Administration

  • Chair: Sen. Howard Pearl
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Sharon Carson
  • Members: Sens. Carrie Gendreau, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, and Debra Altschiller


  • Chair: Sen. Ruth Ward
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Carrie Gendreau
  • Members: Sens. Tim Lang, Suzanne Prentiss, and Donovan Fenton

Election Law & Municipal Affairs

  • Chair: Sen. James Gray
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Keith Murphy
  • Members: Sens. Daryl Abbas, Donna Soucy and Rebecca Perkins Kwoka


  • Chair: Sen. Kevin Avard
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Howard Pearl
  • Members: Sens. Regina Birdsell, David Watters, and Debra Altschiller


  • Chair: Sen. James Gray
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Dan Innis
  • Members: Sens. Jeb Bradley, Regina Birdsell, Howard Pearl, Lou D’Allesandro, and Cindy Rosenwald

Health & Human Services

  • Chair: Sen. Regina Birdsell
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Kevin Avard
  • Members: Sens. Jeb Bradley, Rebecca Whitley, and Suzanne Prentiss


  • Chair: Sen. Sharon Carson
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Bill Gannon
  • Members: Sens. Daryl Abbas, Rebecca Whitley, and Shannon Chandley


  • Chair: Sen. Kevin Avard
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Sharon Carson
  • Members: Sens. Ruth Ward, Donna Soucy, and Cindy Rosenwald


  • Chair: Sen. Denise Ricciardi
  • Vice Chair: Sen. David Watters
  • Members: Sens. Ruth Ward, Carrie Gendreau, and Donovan Fenton

Ways & Means

  • Chair: Sen. Tim Lang
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Lou D’Allesandro
  • Members: Sens. Keith Murphy, Dan Innis, and Cindy Rosenwald

Senate Senior Staff

Bradley also announced senior staff for the session.

  • Debra Vanderbeek will serve as Senate Chief of Staff. She brings more than 35 years of experience in public policy and advocacy, issues management and communications. Vanderbeek has worked on complex policy issues such as health care, energy, and consumer issues at the local, state, and national levels. She previously served as a congressional Chief of Staff in Washington, D.C., and has served as the Senate Chief of Staff for the past two years
  • Grant Bosse has been promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff. He is a veteran of Granite State journalism and government for the past 25 years, including the New Hampshire House and Senate, the Union Leader, and the Josiah Bartlett Center. Bosse has extensive public policy experience in budgeting and education funding.
  • Maya Harvey will serve as Communications Director. She is a New Hampshire native with a background in international business and political communications. Maya worked as Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Republican Party and served as Communications Director for the Chuck Morse U.S Senate campaign.
  • Richard Lehmann will continue to serve as Senate Legal Counsel. Lehmann is a Boston University School of Law graduate and worked as an Assistant Merrimack County Attorney and in the Office of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Criminal Justice Bureau. He has been in private practice since 2000.
  • Daley Frenette will serve as the Majority Caucus Director. A political science graduate from Saint Anselm College, he previously served as a Senate Aide to the Senate Committee on Energy for the 2021-2022 legislative session.