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Nashua no longer has a daily print newspaper

Telegraph turns to weekly print model, keeping daily coverage online, as pandemic puts pressure on news business

After more than 150 years as Nashua’s daily newspaper, The Telegraph has scrapped all weekday print editions. The publication said it will move to a weekly print model with daily updates online.

The changes, which were announced Sunday with an unsigned front-page article, took effect today. That means subscribers can expect their next print newspaper to come this weekend, when The Sunday Telegraph is delivered on Saturday, according to the announcement.

Having published weekly for the first few decades of its existence, the Telegraph made the jump to daily publication 151 years ago, on March 1, 1869, as documented in a 2011 article by long-time Telegraph employee Dean Shalhoup tracing the history of the company’s press operations.

Although there are multiple outlets that continue to cover Nashua news—including the Manchester-based New Hampshire Union Leader, which publishes a weekday print newspaper—the Telegraph’s announcement means there is no longer a daily print newspaper based in Nashua, a city with nearly 90,000 residents.

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