When organizers for the Granite State Debates announced Monday which candidates made the cut for this week's series of televised events, Gov. Chris Sununu's name appeared on the list. No surprise there – polling shows him with a likely insurmountable lead among gubernatorial candidates in the GOP primary.

With an updated announcement Tuesday, a spokesperson for WMUR said Sununu won't take part in the debate on Friday after all.

  • Ben Vihstadt, a spokesperson for Sununu's campaign, told Granite Memo that the incumbent's team relayed his decision not to participate days ago. "We informed WMUR last week we would not be attending and have never implied otherwise," he said.
  • Christina Rule, creative service director for WMUR, confirmed that the inclusion of Sununu's name in the original announcement was a mix-up on the TV station's end.

Tuesday morning's Granite Memo newsletter has been updated to reflect WMUR's updated announcement:

This week’s deluge: 7 debates ahead of NH state primary
Many likely GOP primary voters remain undecided, so these debates could prove hugely influential in the contests for U.S. Senate and the two congressional districts.
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