Unofficial results from Tuesday's election show Republicans won a very narrow majority in the 400-member NH House of Representatives — though those numbers might shift yet.

The results show Republicans captured 203 seats and Democrats snagged 197, but recounts in many close races "could change the makeup of the House," the NH House Clerk said Wednesday.  

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne said Republicans have proven they can "be effective with a small majority," as Holly Ramer reported for AP. Osborne also said he hopes the GOP and Democrats can improve their working relationship.

House Democratic Leader Rep. David Cote said Democrats chalked up "strong gains" by building connections on the campaign trail. The chamber's majority, Cote said, will ultimately "come down to a handful of races that will be finalized in recounts."

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While plenty of races across the state were decided by relatively narrow margins of dozens of votes, others were much closer. The unofficial election results included eight races that were decided by single-digit margins.

At least six of the candidates who narrowly lost these races said they will request a recount. They are likely to be joined by others. Candidates have until Monday at 5 p.m. to request a recount, according to the NH Secretary of State's Office.

Here are eight races that were decided by eight votes or fewer.

🗳 Hillsborough 29

Eight candidates sought four seats in Hillsborough County District 29 to represent Goffstown.

  • Judi Lanza, a Democrat, finished fourth (won) with 3,443 votes.
  • Doug Pounds, a Republican, finished fifth (lost) with 3,435 votes.

That's a difference of 8 votes between the winning and losing candidates.

Pounds said Thursday morning that he has requested a recount.

"For me, it is about ensuring election integrity, due diligence and my supporters," he said.  

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🗳 Rockingham 5

Four candidates sought two seats in Rockingham County District 5 to represent Epping.

  • Mark Vallone, a Democrat, finished second (won) with 1,692 votes
  • Cody Belanger, a Republican incumbent, finished third (lost) with 1,685 votes.

That's a difference of 7 votes between the winning and losing candidates.

Belanger said Wednesday that he already initiated a recount request. He said he's not alleging any wrongdoing, just wants the confirmation of a finalized count.

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The results will be released no later than Friday at noon.

🗳 Rockingham 1

Six candidates sought three seats in Rockingham County District 1 to represent Northwood and Nottingham.

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